*Luxio Base NATURAL

15ml/0.5oz  An excellent bonding soak-off base gel.

– 100% self-leveling gel
– acid-free in composition, the bases have improved adhesion due to the adhesive monomers in the composition
– thicker than Luxio BASE
– suitable for both thin coating and leveling coating
– the recommended polymerization time varies according to the volume of material:
up to 1.5 mm in volume – 30 sec
more than 1.5 mm in volume – 60 sec
(The first layer is applied thinly, rubbing in and cured for 30 seconds. The second layer is already leveling)
– it is permissible to combine with the AFFIXIT primer, if necessary
– NAKED BASE bases are not a firming agent, but when applied voluminously, they make nails stronger
– soft and elastic
– it is possible both efile removal and removal with the help of Soak Off liquid