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NEW DATE! class sat 10/31 10a-4p

2020 is your year to #EducateLikeABoss
Questions about how to get started as an educator? Jitters about educating for the first time? Follow this new trend in our industry and learn how to become an independent educator!
Our main focus at PF  has always been education! We are excited to share all of our knowledge from our 25+ years of educating. Learn the ins & outs of holding successful, knowledgeable and appealing classes. You have questions…we have answers!
Together we will can help you escape from behind the desk and gain confidence in your education skills.
                                     Open these doors to exciting opportunities!!
*aligning your self w/ industry leaders
*create more avenues of revenue
*gain the personal satisfaction and accomplishment of helping shape a nail artists career!
*work for yourself! YOU say who…where…when!
*product sponsorships
You will have the opportunity (if you want) to demo your choice of work…c’mon be BRAVE!
You will leave this class excited and completely prepped to #educatelikeaboss!
Class includes:  Profiles Promoter Certification and some awesome tools to help get you started!
Please bring to class what you will need to do your 15 min. demo.
This can be anything from a technical nail/art demo or a q&a or just an informative demo… you chose!
We will have a table set up with table lamp/UV light/Table towel.

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