Safe Touch Pro Spray

This spray is for skin, 1 spray for each side of the hands on clients for world class disinfection. Kills ALL bacteria, virus and fungus in less than 20 sec. and its so good for the skin, actually regenerates skin cells!!

100% Pure Molecular Aqueous Iodine

Formulated and PH balanced to interact in harmony with your skin.


Where does Iodine/Iodide come from? The ocean and the earth. 1000 tons evaporates from the ocean daily. It is also found in rare earth, bound to other elements.

Is iodine a disinfectant? Iodine has been used since the civil war as a disinfectant, however it was difficult to control. In the 1930’s alcohol was used to dissolve iodine, (tincture) however the concentrations of iodine are dangerously high. In the 1950’s iodine was attached to plastic at a molecular level and other dangerous chemicals used to control the release of iodine. This is Povidone and Betadine. Iodine is an essential micronutrient and a world class disinfectant.

When was it discovered? 1811 by a French chemist burning seaweed, a purple vapour was produced, this is iodine.

Is iodide important for our Health? Insufficient daily iodide intake has serious effects including infertility, lower IQ, weight gain, cancers, poor thyroid function and many other issues. Insufficient iodine during pregnancy will lead to a diminished IQ in the infant. A human brain takes 20 years to grow, insufficient iodine intake during this period will diminish IQ and affect many body functions and systems.

Can I be allergic to iodine/iodide? Iodine isn’t considered to be an allergen (something that triggers an allergic response) and is actually necessary for thyroid function. Consult a health care professional if you have an allergic reaction. You may be allergic to iodine and/or seafood, however, this may be an indication of an underlying problem. You still require Iodide for optimum health.

Is iodine good for my skin? Yes. Iodine is in each of the trillions of cells in our body including our skin. Studies have shown iodine and iodide activates the Nrf2 pathways to generate new skin cells. Iodine reduces bacteria loading on the skin.