Rejuvenate Concentrate 1 gallon


Rejuvenate™ Concentrate for Circulating Foot Baths

Disinfect in as little as: 5 Minutes!

EPA Registered…5 MINUTE Virucide / Bactericide / Fungicide…Available in 1 Gallon Concentrate Format (Dilute 1:16)

Easy to Use Steps (Between each Client)

Step 1. Drain water from basin and remove visible debris using detergent and water solution.

Step 2. Fill the basin with cool water to above jet line. Measure the volume of required Rejuvenate™ Concentrate to make a 1:16 dilution and add to basin (1 1/2 oz of silicone-based antifoam may be added to prevent excessive foaming during circulation).

Step 3. Allow the foot bath to circulate with the disinfectant for 30 seconds. Turn off jets and let solution sit for 5 minutes.

Step 4. Drain the foot bath and refill with clean water. Circulate and rinse for 30 seconds. Turn off the jets and drain.