Mood Magic

New super sensitive mood paint.

This is air dry and best used on a black surface. Must be capped with a flexible product… we love Outshine for this! Also can be capped with a clear buildable gel.



Because the mood magic drys like a pigment it doesn’t adhere well to base colors /gels underneath so here are some tips and tricks to protect it and keep it from peeling away…

*Keep away from the edges, be sure it’s sealed all the way around.

*apply thin…you don’t need a lot of it!

*apply on a sticky layer of gel polish or if its a slick surface, rough it up a bit

*if you are just painting it on, nothing on top of it (like stamping or hand painting) put a matte coat on…then the top gel…I know this is odd but we have found sandwiching it in with a matte coat really protects it.

*if you are stamping or painting anything on top…this also works as a great “harness” to keep it protected.

*be sure to shake or stir before every use.

*store in a cool dark place 

*shelf life is over 12 moths, but storing in a hot/warm place will affect this significantly. It’s not affected by light, but sunlight puts off heat so keep away from sunlight or any heat source.

* mood magic is a craft paint. and like many of our industry’s art products (glitter, striper paint, sharpies, etc) it has not been tested or approved for cosmetic use. do not use on skin, or ingest.


Download SDS Sheet