Get educated! Its like having a book of nail ‘know-how’ in your back pocket!

Upon purchasing your Backstage pass, you will receive unlimited FREE training! We have new monthly videos, with monthly design how-to’s via ProFiles Backstage app., Product demo application videos on PFB website and unlimited hands on training at ProFiles Corporate headquarters in Cape Coral Florida. In addition, unlimited access to scheduled classes at beauty shows, conventions and networking events across the US, for no extra cost to members only!

Also becoming a Backstage Pass holder allows you to book exclusive classes at your location at your convenience! There will be costs associated with this option…depending on your location, duration of classes and time of year.

You’ve got questions? Well we have answers! Take advantage of us…we don’t mind. We will be there for simple pricing questions, when to raise your prices…what discounts to offer? etc. to more in depth salon consulting.